The season has started and after a rough beginning at the Sista Satellite in Amsterdam, I found myself back on track and won two bronze medals at the following competitions! In the September newsletter I already told you about my bronze medal in Bratislava, but last weekend I won another one in Bucharest! For those of you who are not subscribed to my newsletter, I have included the post about Bratislava of last week at the end of this post.

22/09 Bucharest

After winning all bouts in my poule I was ranked third on the tableau. I earned a bye for the first round (T64) and fenced the British Warrender in T32. With a neat 15-5 I was up against Saveanu from Romania. Even though the final score suggests it was easy (15-4), I had to fight hard and smart to beat her. Next up was my good friend Kate Beardmore (GBR) in T8. We were both very keen on winning that medal and it was an intense fight. Finally, I beat her 15-12 and got into the T4. I was up against Lyczbinska from Poland. She is ranked 21 in the world and let’s say I could see why. The bout took up all nine minutes and resulted in a score of 14-6 for her. My fencing was good, but not good enough (yet). So let’s get back to the training hall and keep on training for that gold!

The third prize at this competition was a diploma, trophy and an electric jacket. The former will be added to the collection, but the latter will come in very handy since there is no such thing as having too much fencing equipment. 😉

Click here for a slo-mo video of one of my favorite actions.

15/09 Bratislava

The weekend before I was in Bratislava for a Satellite Worldcup. With 61 fencers and 15 nationalities, it was a pretty strong field for a SAT. I started my day strong with 5 victories and only one loss in the poule. I was ranked 5th after the poules and had earned myself a bye for the first round (T64). In the T32 I was up against Genovese from Italy. I was a lot taller than her and was able to use this to my advantage. I beat her with a neat 15-7 and qualified for the next round (click here to see a compilation of some moves during that bout). In the T16 I was up against another Italian, Berno, but this one was a lot tougher. Her ability to adapt to the difference in height and come up with countertactics made the bout more interesting. After the second break, I found the solution and finished the bout with 15-10, fighting myself in the top 8!

The next opponent was from Slovakia (Cellerova) and an old “friend” from the junior circuit. I was prepared for a big fight and ready to go deep to win this one. Fortunately, my initial tactics worked and she had a lot of trouble finding solutions to the problems I gave her. Finally, she got so frustrated that nothing worked (for her that is, everything was perfectly working out for me) that she lost with 15-5. It was only after the last touch that I realized: I WAS IN TOP 4!

The semi-final was against Cammilletti, also from Italy. This 34-year-old woman had a ton of experience and quickly saw through my tactics. Unfortunately, even after changing them repeatedly, I was unable to gain control over the match. I lost with 15-7. Nevertheless, I am very content with this match and the final result: a third place!