For the first time in my career I have won a medal at an official FIE competition. And not just any medal, the GOLD medal!

This weekend I was in Copenhagen for the last satellite competition of the season. I started the day with a neat poule in which I won 4 out of 5 bouts. This was good for a 9th place in the ranking after the poules. My first elimination was won against the Swedish Patricia Giljam. The next bout was against Miriam Schreiber (also Swedish) and absolutely thrilling. After being down 10-14, I managed to score 14-14 in the last 4 seconds. Then, in the extra minute, I won the bout with a neat one-lamp-action (click here to see the touch).

Next up was Katie Smith from Great Britain, who had just knocked out a 2016 Olympian. This was the quarter-final and winning would mean a medal, thus I was all set for a tough bout. However, I figured out her game rather quickly and won this match 15-4. Quite a difference with the previous match!

Now that I was certain of a medal my heart was filled with joy. This was my first ever medal on an FIE competition! The semi-final was against Esther Schreiber (yes, the older sister). The previous two years I had lost against her and I was determined to change that this year. She is a very difficult opponent, with an incredible range making her attacks were very dangerous. After a 3-2 head start, I managed to stay one point ahead of her. After the last break, when the score was 10-8, I was confident that I could win this match and so I did with 15-12.


While I was still processing the fact that I made it to the final, the other semi-final was being fenced and the Mexican fencer Nataly Michel won.

Now it was just the two of us and only one would go home with a victory. Once again it was a thrilling match. Neither one of us could get ahead of the other enough to be certain of victory. We left it to the last manche, when the score was 10-10 and we went into the last three minutes of the final. I let it slip a little bit which was enough for Nataly to get ahead of me with 13-10. Then I recovered and even managed to get ahead of her with 13-14! To make things even more sensational than they already were, she evened the score with 14-14 and there was only one touch left which would decide the winner of the competition. One touch, and I scored it! I WON!

I am so incredibly happy with this result. Before the finals, the organization asked me what my best result was so far and I answered: “I think it’s going to be today’s result”.

Huge thanks to my sister Anouk and my friend Edo for the coaching and mental support during the competition. <3 

>> UPDATE <<
Allsportsradio interviewed me thursday the 31st of may about my competition. Click here to listen to the podcast.

The local news has posted some articles about my medal:

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