There are several competitions I want to qualify for in preparation for the Olympic Games:

  •  European Championships
  •  European Championships U23
  •  World Championships
  •  World University Games

In order to qualify for the competitions above, I have to earn points at competitions. Once I have earned 2500 points (based on the Dutch point distribution system) I am allowed to go. However, only the best 5 competitions count. This way you can’t qualify by entering a lot of competitions and having moderate results, but you need very good results on five competitions at least. There are some rules on how the amount of points you earn is decided:

  • The difficulty level
    Not all competitions have the same “weight”. Winning gold in a Dutch regional competition is ofcourse a lot easier than reaching top sixteen in an international competition. Therefore each “qualification” competition has it’s own difficulty level. The more difficult, the more points you receive for the same result. The following factors influence (among others) the difficulty level.

    • The number of fencers. The more fencers, the more difficult is the general thought. You have to win more matches to become first.
    • The number of different nationalities. Each country as it’s top four fencers. In general, the top four will go to a competition. If there are more, they are usually less good than the top four. Therefore it is considered as more difficult to fence in a competition with seven different nationalities , than in one with all French fencers. (Note: it counts as a different nationality if there are at least three of that kind)

The qualification requirements for the Olympic Games in 2020 are not yet published.