What an amazing experience! Yesterday was my moment of fame at the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei. After a long season of hard work, failing and succeeding, the Universiade was the cherry on top of the cake for me. The competition was held in a beautiful, modern fencing hall (see photo’s) and was very well organized. Each country had their own “resting area” and all the equipment and pistes were brand new.


I had a pretty strong poule, with Fanny Kreiss (HUN) (who won the competition) and Adelya Abdrakhmanova (RUS) (3rd place), but did well anyway. I won three matches with 5-0, 5-0 and 5-3 (last one against Kreiss! :O ) and lost three with 5-4, 5-4, 5-4. Losing these matches with only one point difference was mentally very disappointing. If I can make 4 points, I could have won them. On the other hand. The fact that I beat the eventual winner of the competition and nearly beat the number 3 was nice.

With three wins I qualified for the elimination round and was ranked number 31. I had to fence against the American Erin Dietsche in the top 64. This match was pretty difficult in the beginning, because I was working too hard and forget to fence WITH the opponent. I was forcing my game on her, which didn’t work out. When I was 11-9 behind I managed to regain control after the break. I realized the mistake I had made and changed my tactics. I won this match with 15-13 in the second manche.

Due to my ranking in the middle of the tableau, my next opponent was the number 2, Malina Calugareanu (ROU). I had a pretty strong start, but gave away too much in the middle. In the end, I came back a little, but it was already too late to win. Her final ranking in this competition was a 5th place. My final ranking is 29th. A ranking I am content about, because I showed once more that I belong in the top 64 (or in this case 32) of the world.

I started this season with the intention to casually get to know the top fencers, experience some Worldcups and Grand Prix’s and maybe qualify for an elimination every once in a while. I ended this season by not only qualifying for the European Championships, World Championships and Universiade, but also by ending up twice in the top 32 and once in the top 64!

I am so happy to have started my senior career with such an amazing season and, as you can imagine, I can’t wait to grow even more next season! Although that’s for later, first it is time for two weeks of HOLIDAY!

Photo credits of fencing photo’s: Ellen Obster


At my competition, I had some suuuuper cute fans with supportive signs!