Fencing is elegant, bold, totally awesome and…expensive. The main expenses are flights, hotels, transport and gear. The right fencing gear can cost up to €2000,- if not more, and wear quickly with the amount of training hours I have. Then there are some montly costs like my membership to SchermCentrum Amsterdam, nutritionist, personal trainer, physiotherapist sessions and sessions with my coaches. All in all quite a large sum of money for a student who has very little time for a job.

Therefore I am looking for sponsors who want to support me for €250,- per year (zie flyer). Every bit of (financial) aid is welcomed.

Klik op de flyer om hem te vergroten

Donations can be transferred to the following bank account:

E.S. Rentier

For non-monetary support or questions regarding support I kindly ask you to contact me through the following email address:


Moral support is more than welcome as well. You can use any kind of social media to do so and/or in the comment section of my blogposts. I am looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Photo credit: Antony Nobilophoto credits: Antony Nobilo