Greetings from sunny California! Two days ago I flew from Amsterdam to Los Angeles for a Grand Prix. This competition is being held in Anaheim (45-minute drive from LA) and will start tomorrow. Last year this Grand Prix was held in Long Beach and I managed to reach the T64 on a GP for the first time in my life! This year I aim to reach the T64 again, but preferably the T32. Last year I earned 3 world ranking points. After this competition, those points will be replaced by the points I earn at this year’s Grand Prix. So unless I reach the T64, I will lose points and descend in the world ranking.

After this competition, I will stay in Anaheim for a couple more days, because the following weekend there is a Satellite competition in Zacatecas, Mexico. I will train here, in the States, at Golubitsky Fencing Center before I fly to Zacatecas. Several Olympians are training and/or working at this club, so it is a good opportunity for me to practice.

Thursday the 22nd I will fly to Zacatecas via Mexico city and prepare for the Satellite. I am very curious about how I will feel there because this city is located at >2500m above sea level. As a non-skier and inhabitant of a country that is located below sea level, I am interested in (and slightly worried about) how this will affect my cardio and endurance. Also at this competition, it will be possible for me to earn points for the world ranking, but a minimum of T8 is needed for the first point.

Apart from world ranking points, I can also earn points for the Dutch ranking at both competitions. These points are earned calculated by a different and more difficult formula and are very important for my qualification for the European- and World Championships (click here to read about the Dutch “points and qualification system”). After my top 8 in Barcelona, I am very close to qualifying for the European- and World Championships. Performing well in Anaheim and/or Zacatecas could seal the deal for me.

I can’t wait to show them what I’ve got and I am looking forward to competing once again in one of the largest qualification competitions in the world!

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