I never thought this would be a title of one of my blog posts…but it actually happened. I had a photo shoot with Vogue Taiwan! After we (the Dutch delegation) landed in Taipei for the 2017 Summer Universiade, our team quickly started to gain popularity among the local people. We were asked for countless photo’s and gave away autographs like we were superstars. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any crazier, Vogue Taiwan had contacted our head of delegation with the request for a photo/film shoot, and whether we would be interested…. Obviously, we said yes, and the next day my fellow teammates and I were driven by a chauffeur to a fancy gym in the heart of Taipei.

After two hours of hair styling (this was just for me, as they had decided to give me approximately 12 braids), the shoot began. It was pretty cool to do this shoot, because they decided to make small videos of certain scenes instead of just a photo. As freshly started models we now no longer had to pretend to know how to properly pose for a photo (quite convenient). The result (video below) is absolutely awesome and perfectly shows the elegance and boldness of fencing and the required focus an athlete needs to become a good fencer.

During the shoot and the styling, the photographer of EROS hairstyles made some video’s of her own and created a cool backstage impression. As you can see, two men were braiding my hair and believe me when I tell you it took them two whole hours.

Since the video is very fast, I have collected the frames for you (and secretly also for myself) in the slideshow below. It was a great experience and the cherry on top of the cake after a wonderful Universiade.